"Tele-medicine is derailing the destiny of healthcare delivery. In service, tele-medicine is a branch of medicine today. But, medicine will become a branch of tele-medicine in the future. As the telecommunication and Internet have changed the interactions of human beings, the demand of patient care at anytime and anywhere will make telemedicine to be the mainstream of healthcare, beyond hospital walls."                                                                 

Michael Shen, MD, CMO, Duxlink Health, April 2, 2015 


"Dux" means leader in Latin. Duxlink Health is to strive linking leaders in technology, medicine and IT, leading the cutting edge for the best healthcare.

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The combination of sub-specialty tele-medical care with the management of procedure utilization and data analytics at anytime and anywhere.

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The MPM platform of MD Imaging Network (MDIN), a sister company of Duxlink, allows for data extraction, guideline implementation and procedure utilization management.

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